• over 100 million sites
  • millions of blogs
  • millions of comments

How we do it

We leverage the best tool for your specific needs so that you do not have to shop for the best solution. Our job is to test and review the best social media monitoring tools on the market so that your only job is to ask for the data.

We monitor the areas that are most relevant to your business. There is no one single solution that will work for every type of business or ever size of business. For some organizations, monitoring Twitter is enough and for others monitoring tweets would provide absolutely no value. Since we push listening and engaging it would be impossible for us to tell you what will work for you until we have listened to your needs.

We first need to know what you are trying to accomplish. Are you looking to protect your brand reputation? Are you looking for competitive intelligence to better understand your competition and their customer base? Do you need to find influencers to promote your next product offering?

NoParking is about saving time and money and we both know that time is priceless. Give us a call or tell us when to call you and lets see if we click. If we click then we can begin a discussion about mapping out the best Social Media Monitoring plan.